Craig Everett - Gritty, Authentic, Northern Artist

Craig Everett is a talented artist who captures the gritty, authentic feel of northern England's street scenes in his paintings. His work depicts the rough beauty of the urban landscape, from the old brick buildings to the worn cobblestone streets.
Everett's art is characterized by its rawness and its ability to evoke a sense of nostalgia for a bygone era. He captures the mood and atmosphere of northern England's working-class communities, with their vibrant culture and tough resilience.
One of Everett's most impressive works is his painting "Chippy  Tea". The painting captures the bustling energy of the city's creative district, with its independent shops, bars, and cafes. The composition is filled with the movement of people, cars, and buses, with the iconic red brick architecture towering above.
Another notable work is his painting "Homebound", a former industrial area. The painting depicts the area's distinctive warehouses and factories. Everett's use of colours and geometry captures the smoky old energy of the neighborhood.
Overall, Craig Everett's paintings offer a unique perspective on the gritty northern England street scenes, capturing the beauty and resilience of the working-class communities that make up the region's urban landscape. His work is a tribute to the enduring spirit of the north and a celebration of its cultural richness.