Recognize the Art from these Movies and TV Shows?

This week we want to showcase art that comes from our favorite TV shows and Movie hits. Pomfret Gallery is always attaining the best work from the latest trends and from classic hits. 
With news of Todd Phillips 'Joker' sequel beginning production this week we can't help but show off Ben Jeffery's limited edition print that we currently have in. This reversible image can be hung both ways depending on which side of Joaquin Pheonix you are feeling on the day.
If you were one of many to go see 'Top Gun: Maverick' this week, you might want to check out some of the awesome aerial art we have from Graham Taylor.
If you have caught all the excitement of 'Stranger Things' and want some more nostalgia check out Craig Everett's 'Finders Keepers'.
Or get back on your old BMX with 'Concrete Jungle'.
 Last up we have Adrian Hills Peaky Blinders collection, available as both Limited Edition Prints or if you are lucky we might still have the Original in stock.
As well as the show itself Cillian Murphy's iconic look is so perfectly captured by Adrian in these moody oil paintings.

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