3D Item Framing

Pomfret Gallery has framed all sorts over the years, here is a tiny taster of what we have done. 

Signed Drumsticks from Elvis' Drummer - DJ Fontana

Elvis is back in cinemas right now, but he is always back at Pomfret Gallery sooner or later. Here is an example of drumsticks and a signed drum skin we have framed.

Bad Company Guitar

 If you like guitars you will love this signed Bad Company guitar we framed.

Viking Axe Head

From one axe to another - take a look at this axe head taken from an archeological dig. Preserving history is important and we provide acid free mounts - specialty glass which has UV protection and anti glare technology. 

Paralympic Memorabilia

We had the pleasure of meeting Paralympian Jamie Stead MBE. And yes that is a real gold medal in the picture! We have framed all sorts of medals and Olympic outfits before but nothing beat having a competitor in the gallery. 

If you have something that you want framed come into the gallery and we will see what we can do for you. We offer a range of methods to conserve what you have and we love seeing what you have to bring in. Don't keep it under the bed or in a drawer, bring it to us and then get it on your wall where everybody can see your pride and joy!