Picture Framing - Recently Framed Items

Check out some of our latest picture framing jobs

When it comes to quality picture framing, Pomfret Gallery is the place to go. Many of our customers order their prints online then come to see us to professionally frame them.

Here we have framed some beautiful limited edition prints of hares. Both our staff and the customer took their time when selecting the mount colours and they go perfectly with the artwork and contrast the white frame well.

We are experts in framing sports shirts which is why so many people use us. If your shirt is signed and you want it to preserve it then ask a member of staff about our conservation framing method. Here no adhesive or tape is used so the shirt will not devalue.

Medals - We frame all types of medals from war medals to commonwealth ones like in the picture below. They can also be set out however you like and we can also incorporate photos and text if needed.

A vintage steering wheel we recently framed. A box was built to set it back in the frame and prevent the glass from touching it. The customer went for an all black frame and mount to make the wheel stand out.

If you have any framing queries please don't hesitate to get in touch on our Contact Us page. You can also find out more about of quality bespoke picture framing service by clicking here