Shirt Framing

If you have something you would like framed, we always recommend that you visit us with your item so you can see what we can offer you. Our friendly team can guide you through a framing order so you build up a picture in person.

Kalvin Phillips - Framed shirt example
Choose the Best

No single item is the same but every frame will last for years and years.

Choose a frame that is timeless and brings out the most for you.


Every item is stretched over foam board and pinned in. This technique ensures no adhesive is used to hold things in place - which can potentially cause damage down the line.

We can also offer Acid-Free mount board and UV Protective Glass to ensure your product stays its best for its whole life.


From the biggest blazers to the smallest shirts we can frame it.

All framing is completed in house, our team of experts have the tools and knowledge to deliver on every detail.

If you have an idea, we want to be able to bring that to life.

Custom Made

Do you want to add pictures and title cut outs into your framing order?

Or perhaps another shirt or banner?

We have the tools to add multiple apertures, fine art quality pictures and title cut outs.

Only settle for the best.

If you have any enquiries please contact us below.

Jamie Stead Framing Example

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