Animal Art

We love animals here at Pomfret Gallery and we know you do too, we wanted to show off our great collection of work involving animals. 


Kingfisher - Ruby Keller


Kingfishers are mesmorizing birds, Ruby Keller expertly brings life and vibrancy to each and every piece she creates. This original painting has a sense of movement created by Ruby's loose brush work and texture.

Isabella - Carol Gillan

Wildlife has so much character and every animal has it's own individuailty, and that is what art is all about. This Limited Edition Canvas Print by Carol Gillan is aptly called Isabella - She is one of a kind.


A Bit of Fresh Air - Amanda Reynolds

Amanda Reynolds finds the connection of love with humans and animals here. Caring for dogs and rabbits is a lot like caring for kids and the elderly. We are all a family together.

Birds of a Feather - Amy Louise

Amy Louise is a very popular artist here at Pomfret Gallery and we love that she produces something really different. This piece is finished with resin and is that much more beautiful in person. Not your everyday bird - and not your every day picture.

Pomfret Gallery has much more to offer in terms of animal art so take a look on our website. Animals are coming and going here all the time so make sure to sign up to our mailing list to keep up with our latest art.